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"But we don’t just love it because it’s cheap. We love it because it is really that spectacular."

Fifty cents won’t get you very far these days, but it will get you a perfectly soft, freshly baked homemade cookie at Diddy Riese. For over thirty years, this Los Angeles institution has been serving "Diddy Dozens" of cookies for pocket change to Westwood Village inhabitants—UCLA students, tourists, and families—who make up the line wrapped around the block. They are willing to wait however long is necessary (usually about 10-20 minutes) for a handmade ice cream sandwich.

No time to wait? You might just get lucky if you are there when the doors open. The small shop is standing room only but for a few red bar stools at the window. Behind the counter you can see sheet after sheet of scratch-made dough ready to be baked. Freshness is king at Diddy Riese—not a single cookie in the display case is more than a couple of hours old (you can purchase a day-old Diddy Dozen for $2.50). Select your favorite ice cream, slap it between two choice cookies and enjoy the most decadent sandwich that you could ever imagine. The best part? It’ll only set you back a whopping $2. But we don’t just love it because it’s cheap. We love it because it is really that spectacular.

There’s nothing else like Diddy Riese cookies, and there surely won’t ever be. Mark Perry, the founder and current owner, refuses to franchise his extraordinarily popular dessert shop. For Perry, preserving the quality of his product is more important than turning a profit. His commitment to excellence is admirable, but his dedication to the city he serves makes this dessert shop a stand-out in LA’s legacy.