Crêpes Sans Frontières

Crêpes magnifiques!

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9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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"You can’t miss the towering Nutella wall behind the register—if that doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing will."

Where Spring Street meets Broadway, make sure you’re looking up. Elaborate hotels of yesteryear stand as old relics of the city’s heyday. Among them, the Spring Arts Tower and the KRKD radio tower have stood the test of time like rare trophies. And then there’s the 20s-era Spring Arcade Building, looking like it’s best days have most certainly gone by—that is, until you walk inside. This place is on the rise, as a host of eateries (Guisados, Green Grotto Juice and Downtown Donuts, to name a few) have begun opening shop here. There, amidst ornate Spanish Renaissance motifs and rows of swap shops, is one of the first to settle in the Arcade: Crêpes Sans Frontières, home of the most authentic French crepes in Los Angeles.

We at Urbanbias are ardent Francophiles who for years have been visiting the quaint crêpe store whenever we fancy a little brunch time refinement. Owner Ruth Hudin originated from the western French region of Brittany, the birthplace of the crêpe. Since opening in 2013, Crêpes Sans Frontières serves the best of Hudin’s native cuisine (she spent over a decade making crepes in Brittany before moving to LA) both sweet and savory, becoming famous in LA for their 100% organic buckwheat galettes.

To inspire that Parisian feeling, Frontières offers faux garden seating—a small patio surrounded by potted greenery in the bright auditorium. Walk in. Directly above you is a giant whisk chandelier, which perfectly suits the cheery cafe interior. Ahead is a bright red crêpe cart where you can watch your exquisitely thin pancakes be delicately prepared. And you can’t miss the towering Nutella wall behind the register—if that doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing will. Feeling really French? Order a glass of wine to go with your lunchtime galette. The wine bar is neatly tucked towards the back of the small shop, boasting an impressive collection of French wines. And as the French would, take your time here. The cafe is friendly, casual and calm. It may not actually be Paris, but it is a much welcomed respite from the chaos of downtown, still just a few paces away.

What We Ordered

La Scandinave from Crêpes Sans Frontières
La Scandinave
La Scandinave
L'Anglaise from Crêpes Sans Frontières