Who We Are

There are few topics more divisive than whether Chicago or New York makes a better pizza. We at Urbanbias care less about the answer itself (we have room in our hearts for both, frankly) and more about the reason behind it. Belonging to a city is a serious responsibility and the pride sparked by that partnership evokes a strong, completely justified bias. Everyone is biased. We step in to share what all the fuss is about.

Our approach at Urbanbias is to help you form your own opinions; we're not here to convince you of our expertise. We understand that your time is valuable, that date night is infrequent and that your commitment to dining-out holds no guaranteed success. We recommend the best restaurants that a city has to offer—grading them on the quality of the food, the excellence of the service and how well they represent the city's favoritism—and we present our findings in a short video, so that you may preview before you purchase, see the view from your seat, and be reassured that your expectations will be met.

We believe that a bias is a good thing—not just to have but to experience. Whether or not Los Angeles actually makes the best tacos, we're not at liberty to say. We simply encourage you to get out there and eat those tacos regardless. Eat them often.

Our Promise

Our reviews are impartial. We do not accept payment or comped meals in exchange for positive reviews. We believe in complete transparency and our priority is to give you the information necessary (and then some) to help you select a restaurant.